The Centre for Emotional Health Clinic (CEHC) is a specialist research clinic aimed at furthering our understanding of child & adult emotional disorders and improving our methods of treatment. The Clinic is part of the Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University. Families who seek help at the CEHC will receive state of the art assessment and treatment based on research that has been conducted by our team over the past 20 years. The Centre for Emotional Health is a world leader in research in child and adolescent emotional health, has won numerous international awards for its treatment programs and is considered an international centre of expertise in the assessment and treatment of child and adolescent anxiety.


There is an expectation that by seeking services from a research clinic that families will participate in various research activities related to developing better assessment and treatment methods, and better understanding the causes of anxiety and related disorders


Yes, there is a Cool Kids Program, which is designed for children in school grades 1 to 6.  This program is structured in a similar way to the Chilled Out Program.  Contact the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic for more information about Cool Kids Online.