Chilled Out is a confidential online multi-media program which teaches you skills to manage anxiety.

It is an eight module program that helps you to:

  •  Learn about feelings and anxiety
  •  Learn to think realistically
  •  Overcome fears by building confidence and independence
  •  Learn to problem solve
  •  Build effective communication, such as assertiveness


Within each module you can watch short videos and complete exercises. You can write as little or as much as you like and you will store the activities on your own devices, so no one will see your responses. On average it takes between 8 to 12 weeks to complete the program but it is important that you do it at your own pace, so that you have enough time to practice your new skills - practice makes perfect!

You can choose a mentor to assist you in applying the Chilled Out skills. A good mentor might be a trusted friend or relative. There is a mentor workbook that you can download and give to your mentor so that they have an understanding of the skills you will be learning.

You will also have a trained clinician who will support you along the way over the phone or in person (depending on where you are doing the program). 

Your responses on the Chilled Out website are confidential. You will complete brief questions from time to time to give us feedback on how you are finding the program. All responses to Chilled Out activities are stored on your own devices, so no one will see these responses. 

The only reason we may be required to break confidentiality is if we are concerned that the individual may be at risk to themselves or others. If we do believe you are at immediate risk of harm we will need to inform adults in your life. 

Any information/data will be kept securely and only accessed by members of the direct clinic or research team you are involved with.